Cookie Care

How long will my cookies last?

Your cookies are baked on the day that they are despatched, and they will keep for five days from that date (Check the back of the cookie wrapper for the date). If you can’t finish your cookies within 5 days you can freeze them, just throw them in the freezer in their wrappers and they’ll be fine for three months. When you want a cookie, just put it in the microwave for 20 seconds and it will be as good as fresh from the oven. To warm your non-frozen cookies, reduce the microwave time to 10 seconds.

We take allergens very seriously in the cookie kitchen and have strict hygiene procedures to avoid cross contamination.

Our gluten free cookies are suitable for those with coeliac disease.

Gluten free cookies are always prepared in a fully cleaned kitchen where there are no gluten containing ingredients open and outside of sealed containers at any time during the preparation of the cookie dough. The balls of cookie dough are then sealed into their freezer packaging and stored before work on any further cookies can commence. We only use gluten free ingredients for these cookies and not any that are a ‘may contain’, suppliers are checked regularly to ensure that no ingredients have changed.

Our gluten free cookies are first into a clean oven, ahead of those that contain wheat. The oven is cleaned before the next dispatch day so the safe procedure can start all over again. Our gluten free cookies are cooked on different colour baking tray liners so they can never be confused with the other cookies and they have their own cooling area to avoid cross contamination.

Each cookie comes individually wrapped and will clearly display an industry standard gluten free symbol sticker to clearly identify it. All ingredients can be found on the ingredients and allergen information label on the back of each cookie, as well as on each individual listing on the website.

Information for customers with nut allergies

None of our cookies contain nuts and we do not use ingredients which are a ‘may contain’ due to processing methods so as not to take any chances. Our kitchen is fully cleaned between each bake day, and although it is used for cooking food other than cookies, we are confident that the risk of cross contamination is as close as we can get to zero.